How to Best Remember Vocabulary

In Connect Eikaiwa, many ESL (English as a Second Language) students usually come into the school and say, “I can’t make conversation because I don’t have enough vocabulary.” Well, I have the answer to that! Here are some ways a student can best retain (remember or hold onto) the English that they learn:

  1. Flashcards- Carrying around a few words on paper can help a lot. It doesn’t only help English learners remember words, it also helps them how to describe them. Also, be sure to have the different forms of the words. You don’t want to mix up verbs and nouns.
  2. Imagine the situation of usage- Using the vocabulary in situations when you can imagine the correct use of the word helps. If the word were “stunning”, try to picture your female friend who always wears beautiful outfits. You should immediately compliment that person saying, “That outfit you are wearing today looks stunning.”
  3. Make a phrase using the word- It’s also important to know how to use the word properly so using a set phrase is best. Instead of studying just “contract”, say “make a contract” or “draw up a contract”.
  4. Say the words out loud- When studying, reading the words out loud has your ears help you in your training also. Repeating them also help you with muscle memory on how to pronounce them as well.

Do you have any fun and effective ways of learning vocabulary? If you do, please share with us by writing to Connect Eikaiwa. We’d be very grateful.