How to Have a Conversation (part 2)

Welcome back to Connect 英会話's blog. If you are reading this, you must have either read "How to Have a Conversation (part 1)" or you can handle t he basics of conversation and you want to be able to do more. In this article, I'd like to give you some tricks and tips that will … Continue reading How to Have a Conversation (part 2)

“Lemons” in English

The Lemon Proverb Students of Connect 英会話 occasionally come into class with bad news, so I teach them one of my favorite proverbial phrases, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." What does it mean? Well... it's quite simple. Not many people like the taste of the sour fruit on its own, but many do … Continue reading “Lemons” in English

Potatoes: Lazy or Just Old?

This isn't an article about describing food, so if you are a foodie, sorry. But we will be talking about things being potatoes. The topic of potato came up when a Connect 英会話 student complained about his iphone having very little memory for his photos and apps.  So now you ask, "why are you talking … Continue reading Potatoes: Lazy or Just Old?

How to Have a Conversation (part 1)

It doesn't matter how strong or weak your English is, if you know how to a hold a conversation, you can use those skills to  improve your English faster. Many English learners have the problem of not knowing what to say when they meet someone for the first time. I totally understand! Especially when talking … Continue reading How to Have a Conversation (part 1)