Welcome back to Connect Nishifunabashi school (コネクト西船橋英会話) blog. Are you in a bad place in life? What do you wish for somethings to change? I always say, “be more positive and things will become much better.” On that note, I have a grammar blog to write, so let’s get to it.

Wish and hopes are not to be mixed up. Some people want millions of dollars, some want to be happy, so do we use ‘wish’ or ‘hope.’

To Wish

We use the word wish when you want something but

  • are not in a position to make it happen or
  • think it’s not likely to happen or impossible.man in the park

Also, we put the sentence in past tense for wishes about the present and in past participle for wishes about the past. Are you confused? It’s a bit tricky.

Grammar Examples

The Problem

The Wish

I caught a cold. I wish I had brought a shirt to this party. (past)
I have to go to work tomorrow. I wish I were* a student. (present)
I’m busy with a lot of tasks. I wish I could make it to the party. (future)
 ” “ I wish I were* going to make it to party tomorrow. (future)

* Note: When using wish, the be-verb is usually “were” and not “was” for the object that is wished on.*


To Hope

star wars
Star Wars: A New Hope

Hope is used when an event is expected to happen or the person is trying to make it happen. When there is a chance for something good to happen, people say that there is still hope.

Grammar Points

The Problem


I don’t know if the student did his homework. I hope you did your homework for today.
Your friend is sick. I hope you get better.
Your friend lost his wallet I hope you find your wallet.
Your friend decided not to come to a party I hope you will change your mind and come to the party.

I hope you enjoyed out blog today and I join me again at our Connect Nishifunabashi school (コネクト西船橋英会話) blog.

Also, don’t just wish that your English were better, hope for it to get better and study hard.

Feel free to write any comments or questions about this lesson or other English grammar points. If you have big dreams for your future, tell me about them. I’d love to hear from you.


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