Welcome back to another lesson with Connect Eikaiwa (コネクト英会話) as we look into another two questions that Elementary English learners think are tricky.

What do you feel like? Vs. How do you feel?

“What do you feel like?” is a difficult question because it’s not often said in the classroom. I’ll give you an example of the conversation I had with a student after class.


Student: I’m so hungry.

Me: Me too. It’s my lunch time. Do you want to get something to eat?

S: Okay. Let’s go!

Me: What do you feel like?

S: I feel good. Thank you.

Did you see the mistake above? Many English learners usually make the mistake thinking the question was “how do you feel?” so they answer with something like, “I feel good.” X

“What do you feel like?” can be said differently. Another way to ask the question is “What do you feel like eating?” but the word “eating” is optional (your choice). When a couple of friends talk about going to the movies, one person can ask, “what do you feel like?” or “what do you feel like watching?” The two questions mean the same thing.

A tip so you don’t mix up the questions

What is the difference?

For the question “what do you feel like?”, practice saying the longer question to better understand it. Instead, say “what do you feel like drinking (or eating or doing)?” Then you won’t get it mixed up with “how do you feel?”

Write us at Connect Eikaiwa (コネクト英会話) to tell us what you feel like having for dinner tonight. I feel like having hot dogs but they are hard to find in Japan.


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