Counting numbers is simple and easy with a little practice.

Let’s start with the numbers from 1 to 20. The pronunciation (発音) from 13 to 19 is a little difficult. The sound “teen” is very important. Learn the word “teenager” so you don’t forget. (ティーンエイジャー -英語で語尾に-teenのつく13歳から19歳までの若者を指す)

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.43.44 PM

Pronunciation for the 10s from 10 to 90 is easy with a simple trick. Just read the first number and add the letter “D” at the end, but be careful, 20 and 80 are pronounced differently.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.46.42 PM

If numbers like 13 and 30 sound the same, listen again. 13 (thir-Teen) has a longer sound and 30 (thir-D) has a shorter sound.

Now you know how to say the numbers easily. Can you count from 1 to 100? Give it a try. It is simple, but it takes some practice so don’t rush. Take your time and this practice will help your pronunciation. Have fun!


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