This isn’t an article about describing food, so if you are a foodie, sorry. But we will be talking about things being potatoes.

The topic of potato came up when a Connect 英会話 student complained about his iphone having very little memory for his photos and apps.  So now you ask, “why are you talking about potatoes?” Let’s get to it.

What’s a Potato?

There are many uses for the word “potato.” Let’s have a look at all of these potatoes.

  1. Couch Potato– If someone were a couch potato, it means that the person doesn’t exercise much and watches a lot of TV, and possibly sitting on the couch, not moving much. I remember when I was a child, I spent my summer days being a couch potato because it was too hot to play outside.
  2. Potato– I guess the second use of potato was created by someone who didn’t like the vegetable much. A person can be called a potato, which is someone who is boring or not interesting. So if you know someone who does nothing but work and study for fun, that person might be a potato.
  3. Big Potato– A person that is very important or powerful in  business  can be called a big potato. And the opposite of a big potato is..? You guessed it, a small potato (which isn’t nice to call a person.) To remember this, don’t forget that Steve Jobs was a big potato in the technology field.
  4. Potato (something)– Japanese people would typically refer to a flip-phone, or a phone that isn’t a smartphone, as a Galakei (coming from the words Galapagos and keitai, meaning cell-phone.) But what do we call a camera that takes poor quality photos? How about an old smartphone that has very low specs, like very little memory? We would call them potato camera and potato phone. Any low tech gadget can be called a potato.

Now that you know more about potatoes, tell us about your favourite type of potato in the comment section below. And as always, feel free to contact us here at Connect 英会話 with questions about English and we’ll write about it.

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