You might have a go-to method for studying English; maybe you love using flashcards, or you listen to podcasts on your way to work. Past research found that everyone has a certain learning style, but recent research suggests that’s not true. For the most effective language study, you should be learning from different methods.

There’s a well-known saying, ‘variety is the spice of life’, and that’s true for studying English here at Connect 英会話.

•Change will do you good

A recent John Hopkins study found that ‘performing a modified version of a task you want to master helps you learn more, and faster than practicing the same thing.’ So if you’re trying to learn a new word, phrase or grammar pattern, try using it in different settings. If you always use flashcards, try listening to a podcast on the same topic, and vice versa.

Modified – Updated, New, 変更された

Vice Versa – The other way around, 逆に

•Handwriting is better than typing to memorize wordshandwriting

Hand written notes are better for your memory than computer notes. So get a pen and paper and start writing. Flashcards, homework and your daily diary – whatever you want to remember, write it down yourself!

•More than 30 minutes, less than 50 minutes

New research says that studying anything for less than 30 minutes is a waste of time. The same goes for anything over 50 minutes. The brain has limits, so don’t spend 3 hours studying one night a week – split it over 5 days and use the 30-50 minute study period to make learning faster and easier.

A Waste of Time 時間の無駄

•Keep Motivated

This is difficult, even for me. But the phrase ‘little and often’ is useful here. There are times when learning a new language is a passion, and times when you have no interest. This doesn’t mean you should give up. Take control of your brain and keep learning. Even if you spend your study time writing new flashcards or reviewing old lessons – make studying English something you do every day.motivation


Little and Often少し、しばしば

Take Control仕切る

So there you have it – some ideas to refresh and inspire your English learning. Do you have any other ideas? Comment here and let us know at Connect 英会話. See you at the next lesson!

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