You study hard during your English lesson at Connect 英会話, but what happens when you get home?

Language experts have told us time and again that studying ‘little and often’ is the best way to improve your language skills. But if you don’t have time to study everyday (and who does?) podcasts are an excellent way to keep yourself immersed in your target language. Check out these 5 benefits of using podcasts to learn English and try it for yourself!

  1. You Can Listen Anywhere

Do you have a boring commute to work? Put on a podcast. Doing housework? Put on a podcast. Going for a run? Put on a podcast.
You get the idea – listening to a podcast during other tasks and activities keeps your English immersion going, whilst not getting in the way of daily life.

  1. Get Experience Listening to Different types of English

Do you know how many dialects of English there are in the world? I don’t either, but it’s safe to say there are more variations than just one English teacher can help you with. Being able to understand people from the UK, USA, Australia and other English speaking countries will build your confidence, and you can find a podcast that gives you access to many different accents, slang words and cultures.

  1. Train Your Brain in Rhythm

Many people forget that speaking a language involves learning the native rhythm. Listening to podcasts trains your brain in how native people speak; which will teach you how to stress words, how to form questions, whether to interrupt or wait for the other speaker, and all of the quirks and nuances that come with it.

  1. English Language Learning Podcasts are EVERYWHERE

English is one of the most popular languages to study in the world. This means that resources such as podcasts are available for any level and cover almost any topic. Find something you’re interested in, choose your level and study on the go.

  1. Downloadable and Free

One of the biggest benefits of using Podcasts is that so many of them are totally free. Download a Podcast App to your phone or tablet,(I recommend Podcast Addict on Android or Overcast on the iPhone) search for ‘English language study’ or ‘ESL’ and try a few.

So there you have it. With so many benefits, why not try learning English with the use of  Podcasts? If you already use Podcasts, let us at Connect 英会話 know which ones you use or your experience with them in the comments below.


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